Keep a simple velvet bag with you, and you will be always ready to create fantastic mental miracles!
The "Pendulum Close Up Act" is a complete set of three (unreleased!) effects that packs very small and flat, but can play for walkaround or casual close up performances.

1. Pendulum Opener: Offer the power of the pendulum in a credible and powerful manner. Your participant will hear your thoughts and move the pendulum in a telepathic manner!
2. Energetic Ring: The participant´s ring, hooked in the pendulum, will allow him to detect energies of borrowed objects in a surprising and mysterious manner.
3. Billet Master 2.0: Combining the power of billets and Pendulums, you will be able to reveal ANY thought in a simple and direct manner.

AND Extra Routines (from Ideas about Pendulums) :

1. Visual Mindreading: (Previously at Ian Rowland´s column at Genii Magazine) A powerful demonstration of the power of the thoughts using a simple pendulum.

2. Mystical Networking: A fun way to hand your business card using a pendulum.

3. Energy of Life: (Previously at TC Tahoe-The Swingers Party Book) 
A pendulum has never been so organic!

With your order you will receive:

1. A 5-Way Out MultiVelvet Bag
2. Beautiful (exclusive) Dual Pendulum specially made for this act.
3. eBook that features the act itself and other routines that you can use.

• • •